Urban Ministry

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
IC 755 Urban Ministry3 ECTSSee ScheduleMDiv 3

This class is for the Master of Divinity program.  The world is more than 50% urban (Europe is 75%) and migration is impacting every country. The influence of urbanization and urbanism requires every pastor and missionary to be able to read the city and understand its global / local nature. This course offers an introduction to anthropological and sociological methods together with the creation of a biblical theology and missiology of the city. The course will involve interviews and exposures to cross-cultural churches and mission projects in Rotterdam where the professor is a city-centre minister. At the end of this course, every student will be able to outline a basic biblical theology of the city, understand urban issues such as poverty and pluralism, and be able to apply demographics and practical research methods to create an effective urban mission strategy.