Greek Exegesis: 2 Corinthians

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NT 758Greek Exegesis: 2 Corinthians3 ECTSSee ScheduleMDiv 3

This class will examine Paul’s letter to the Corinthian congregation. It will consider the Greco-Roman background of the Corinthians as well as the Jewish and Christian ideas that ground his writing. Paul’s theology will also be evaluated from these letters. This class will continue to develop the exegetical skills of students in the Greek New Testament. Attention will be paid to critical issues that influence contemporary church life such as marriage and divorce, weak and strong brothers, church discipline, and spiritual gifts.

Students will also explore Paul’s citations, allusions, and echoes within this book. This will involve comparison with Hebrew and Septuagint Greek.

At the end of the class students will be examined on their translation from Greek orally.