Record Retention Policy

Tyndale Theological Seminary maintains a Record Retention Policy.  The policy, among other things, provides guidance to the Seminary regarding the storage, use, security and disposal of records.  Such records may contain personal data.  The Policy also seeks to maintain records consistent with the European Union’s Data Protection Law (GDPR).  This includes storing records for specific and legitimate purposes, and for only a necessary time period.

Records are defined as all documents and materials, regardless of the format.  These records may be created, received and maintained in hard copy, electronically (including emails), or both.

The Seminary maintains records for various purposes, these include legal requirements, historical and statistical purposes and to fulfill its contractual relationships.

The Policy sets guidelines as to the duration for which documents will normally be retained by the Seminary.  Staff may be justified in applying a different retention period where other factors require a change.  However, these exceptions are not considered normal practice.  For example, if a staff member feels that a certain document should be retained for historical archiving, then that person should discuss this with the Management Team.

Once a record has reached the end of its retention period, it is recommended that the document and all duplicate records be destroyed.  Paper records should be shredded.  Electronic records should be securely deleted.  (If a record is retained in IT systems for disaster recovery purposes, these are not considered active records.)  When the delete action is performed, then the record is considered “destroyed.”

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