Thesis Writing A

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
TH 960Thesis Writing A10 ECTSSee ScheduleMET 2

Students are to begin their research on their thesis.  Each student is to work independently in Tyndale’s library, online, or in a nearby University library.  Students may also accomplish their research through surveys or interviews.  The first reader of the thesis will provide guidance regularly to the student. The first chapter along with the introduction are to be completed at the end of this class.

At the end of the summer, each student is to submit their introduction, first chapter, and a complete bibliography to the first reader. Students should be aiming for over 75 sources in the finished thesis. Interviews and surveys should be devised and conducted.  The student is to do the bulk of the reading for the thesis.  This will involve reading between 1,500-2,000 pages. The student is responsible to make weekly contact with the supervisor.  During this time he or she will submit written reports of hours invested, activities performed, and sources read. If the first chapter and introduction are not submitted by the deadline, the student will fail the class. This may result in termination of the MET program.

Prerequisites for the Course

Completion of Thesis Prospectus B (TH 950 B).