Theology of Missions and Evangelism

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
IC 835Seminar B: Theology of Missions and Evangelism5 ECTSSee ScheduleMET 2

This class is for the Master of Evangelical Theology program. It may also serve as a 3 or 5 ECTS elective for the Master of Divinity program. Because missiological approaches and methods are an outcome of theology, it is essential that church and mission leaders understand the theological underpinnings of missiology. The course is a study of the theology of missions and evangelism related to three aspects: theological foundations, especially related to the Trinitarian nature of God and the evangelization of the world; key theological issues related to missions and evangelism: social vs. evangelistic ministry, receptivity and rejection; religious pluralism; spiritual warfare; syncretism and the prosperity gospel; implications for global partnership.